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For secret sharing:

1. Have your secret on an image hosting site like Tinypic, Photobucket, Imageshack, etc. etc.

2. I will be making a Submission Post and in the Submission Post, leave the direct link on an ANONYMOUS comment. It would not be a secret if I knew who it was, now would it?

3. All comments will be screened.

4. Once there are enough secrets or probably every week there will be a post and you'll see all the secrets posted.

5. Please identify what band you are talking about when you comment.


1. All secrets over 800 x 600 will not be posted.

2. All secrets have to be Classic Rock related, and any type of genre is allowed.

3. Remember post your secret in a SUBMISSION POST! Don't accidentally put it in a secret post.

4. Be nice! If you disagree, do it in a civilized manner. If it's going nowhere, agree to disagree.

5. Please watch the community instead of joining it :]